Another Craig and John Jam

Today we were going to go to the Amigo guitar show but we were having such a good time playing that we decided not to.

On the first jam Craig played my MiM ash Telecaster through Tonelib Deluxe sim with Geraint’s Atlantis reverb and Springbox chorus. Notice the new white pickguard.


I played my Classic Vibe Starcaster through an AC-30 sim and the Tukan AC Tremolo effect.

On the second jam, Craig played the Telecaster though a Jazz Chorus sim and a Marshal 1960a cabinet sim, with some Springbox echo. I played the Starcaster through a Bassman sim and the Atlantis reverb.

Both guitars went directly into the Onyx Producer 2-2 interface and were recorded in Reaper. No microphones were involved.

About guitarsophist

I'm a guitar-playing rhetorician professor.
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