A Day of Jams

I got together today with my friend Craig. We have been playing guitar together for more than 50 years. Craig is playing a fairly recent Danelectro with lipstick pickups though my Super Champ XD. He plays finger style and the guitar sounds somewhere in between an electric and an acoustic. On the first two tracks I am playing my white Roland Ready Stratocaster. On the rest I am playing my Classic Vibe Squire Starcaster. I am playing both guitars through a tiny 5-watt Hotone British Invasion amp going through a Carvin 12″ cabinet.

This is all improvised and I never quite know where Craig is going to go, so there are some bad notes, especially early in a track when I am trying to figure out what key he is in and what chords he is playing.

I gave them titles this time so as to help you decide what you might want to listen to.

Track 1: “Kinda Happy”

Track 2: “Reggae Blues”

Track 3: “Jazzy Breeze”

Track 4: “Back Porch Music” (This is kind of reminiscent of Mississippi John Hurt)

Track 5: “Bluejays” (The jays either liked or hated our music. they made a lot of noise.)

Track 6: “Time for Lunch” (This track has white noise in the background that was coming from the baby monitor I was using to monitor my grandson’s nap while his mother went to pick up lunch. Sorry!)

Track 7: “Intense”

Track 8: This track fell apart and didn’t work. It happens!

Track 9: “Bouncy”

Track 10: “Power Failure Torta Blues” (Our lunch was delayed by a power failure at the torta restaurant.)

Track 11: “Pretty, Pretty”

It was great fun!

About guitarsophist

I'm a guitar-playing rhetorician professor.
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