Ovation GC178LX American Elite

In addition to the Epiphone pictured in the previous post, I acquired an Ovation GC178LX American Elite from Craig. Here’s a a couple of pictures:




It is sleek, black, and sweet. It plays like a dream. The intonation up and down the neck is amazing. I am really happy with it. Not everyone likes Ovations, but I do.

Here is a TDPRI backing track that I put a lead on with this guitar. I recorded the piezo pickup directly into the Reaper through Steinberg UR 44 interface and then put on a little compression with ReaComp and a little reverb with Dragonfly room reverb.

It’s a quick one pass take, but I enjoyed playing it.

Update: Here’s another smooth jazz TDPRI backing track. I did this to test out the recording ability of a new computer I am setting up with Manjaro Linux. It’s done in Reaper through a Mackie Onyx 2X2 Performer audio interface, with the Ovation direct into the interface. It’s pleasant but bland.

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I'm a guitar-playing rhetorician professor.
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