Craig and John Jam 9/26/21

Craig and I got together to jam today. I bought a couple of guitars from him because he is thinning his guitar herd. The one that features most in these jams is an Epiphone ES-175 Premium. I love this guitar!


The guitars featured in these jams include:

  • The ES-175 above
  • My Squire Classic Vibe Starcaster
  • A 1988 G&L ASAT
  • An Ovation American Elite
  • An Agile AL-2000 Les Paul type

The guitars were played through a Fender Super Champ XD and a Boss Katana 50, both on the clean channels. We played outside on my deck.

We started out with Craig on the Starcaster through the Super Champ and me on the ES-175 through the Katana. As the day progressed we switched guitars and amps around and I lost track. The recording was into Audacity on a Dell laptop through a Rode NT-USB. I edited them in Reaper and added a little compression.

Here are the tracks. They are all jams, so they are pretty long, even though I cut them:

A simple jam in G. For some reason, this has a click artifact from some unknown source:

I think that Craig is still playing the Starcaster and I am still playing the ES-175 on this one. In general, Craig is playing rhythm with a lot of embellishments and I am playing single string lead:

This is a pretty one. I am am playing the Ovation acoustic electric:

This is a based on a pop song from the 60’s:

This is a blues. I think Craig is playing the G&L. I am playing the Starcaster through the Katana:

This is based a rock song from the late 90’s that Craig and I used to play at a weekly Starbucks gig in Long Beach.

This is a Beatle-ish thing. Craig is playing the G&L I think and I am playing the ES-175:

Finally, this is also Beatle-ish. Craig might be playing the Agile:

We had an absolutely wonderful day! I hope you enjoy these tracks!

Bonus track: ES-175 on a TDPRI backing track:


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