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From 2012

Craig found a CD of stuff we had done in 2012. Here’s a track that I don’t think I have posted before. It’s a version of “Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones: I don’t remember what guitar, amp, or cymbals this … Continue reading

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Distortion Using Avantone CK-1

This is just a clip to help the Reaper forum troubleshoot this distortion problem: A second clip of the end of the track: Update: the thread is here: Reaper Forum Discussion Apparently, this is a noisy mic. It may have … Continue reading

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New Snare and New Tracks

My cajon-based mini drum kit is now complete with the addition of a 10″ Gretsch Blackhawk Mighty Mini snare. Here it is: Today, I went out to Craig’s to try out the new kit. We recorded a bunch of stuff. … Continue reading

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