Very Superstitious

Got together today with Craig.  Here is a version of Superstition with Craig on a Tele that just got its old three barrel brass bridge back.  At some point he had had a six saddle steel bridge put on, but he was never happy with the guitar after that.  Now the old one is back on and the guitar sounds amazing.  I am playing cajon.

One channel in this mix has some crackly distortion in it.  It turned about to be because of a dirty volume pot on the mixer.  We liked this take and didn’t have time to redo it.  It makes it sound a bit like an old vinyl record.

When you listen to this, remember that it is one take, with Craig playing guitar and singing and me on cajon.  There is no second guitar, no bass player, and no overdubs.

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I'm a guitar-playing rhetorician professor.
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2 Responses to Very Superstitious

  1. bcsnorgrass says:

    Dig it. It’s has kind of a bayou swamp thang.

  2. guitarsophist says:

    It started to sound to me like a Jimi Hendrix thing, something like “Hear My Train a’ Coming,” which is a bit odd for a Stevie Wonder song that was originally based on an uptempo clavinet.

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