New Pickups Coming

I have decided to put new pickups and wiring in the Epiphone Casino.  The options were somewhat limited because of the design of the guitar.  The Casino requires a short dogear P-90 in the neck and a tall dogear P-90 at the bridge.  After quite a bit of internet research and listening to clips, it came down to two companies: either Lollar or Kinman.  The Kinmans are noiseless with some kind of advanced humbucking design.  From clips, they sound great.  They are quite pricey, however.  Lollar makes a short dogear P-90 and the material on his site indicates that he understands Casinos.  He makes a standard and an underwound 50’s style dogear P-90.  I decided on the 50’s wind for this guitar.


Lollar Dogear 50’s wind Pickups

I felt that the stock Epiphone pickups were a bit too hot and a little lacking in high end, especially the neck pickup.  They sounded best with the volume rolled off about 1/4 and with the treble in the amp boosted a bit.  Here are a couple of clips of the stock pickups, recorded through the clean model of my Katana 50:

A blues vamp (neck, middle, bridge):

And another blues, a bit slower (also neck, middle bridge) :

I think the bridge pickup sounds a lot better than the neck.  I will add clips of the new pickups in a couple of weeks, after they have been installed.

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