Reaper in Linux and a New Track

Reaper, the recording software I have been using for years, now has a native Linux version.  It is still in beta, but it works pretty well in Linux Mint.  My computer is still dual boot, Win 7 and Linux, but I rarely go into Windows.  I have lots of great amps sims and drum software in Windows, but Reaper comes with a lot of usable plugins and there are a number of free ones that work in Linux that I have been learning about.  There is a learning curve, however.

Here is a track done in Reaper with Reaper’s amp simulator, Dragonfly reverb, and Drumgizmo playing a midi drum loop.  The two guitar tracks were done with my new Casino, direct into the Steinberg UR44, my audio interface.

This was done quickly, but I kind of like it.

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I'm a guitar-playing rhetorician professor.
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2 Responses to Reaper in Linux and a New Track

  1. guitarsophist says:

    Craig suggested that I alter the progression a bit, replacing the B7 chord in part A with a B min and the B7 in Part B with a Jimi Hendrix approved B7#9. I’m thinking about it.

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