Some Jazzy Stuff and Some Country

Here are some tracks from another rehearsal session.

I’ve Got You Under My Skin

Song for Elizabeth

Folsom Prison Blues

The first is a Frank Sinatra song, of course.  It has a jazz beat, something I am just getting used to.  All of these are just Craig and I with no overdubs, and Craig’s arrangement is amazing as usual. It is hard to believe that he can sing something with such difficult phrasing and play those guitar parts at the same time.  I am basically trying to survive.  The ride cymbal is my Sabian HH Raw Bell Dry Ride, though I kind of wish I had put the old Zildjian “K” up that one of my colleagues loaned me.   There is also a 15″ Sabian HHX Studio Crash that is discontinued, so they were blowing them out and I got a very good price.  It is a dark crash with a nice bell that sounds like a bigger cymbal than it is.

The next one is Craig’s arrangement of “Song for Elizabeth,” a jazz instrumental written by Jonathan Butler.  I am using brushes, another thing I am just getting used to.

Lastly, a Johnny Cash song.  I asked to do this because I wanted to try a “train beat.”  Again with brushes.

By the way, although it sounds like Craig is playing some kind of arch top jazz guitar, it is actually my Fender Telecaster with the Tonerider pickups through my Fender Super Champ XD on the clean channel with just a little amp reverb.

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I'm a guitar-playing rhetorician professor.
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