Another Drum Track

Yet another rehearsal.  Craig said my drumming was 45% better than last time.  The last song was a 17 minute jam that started out as Purple Haze, morphed into Taxman, and ended up somewhere else.  I have cut it down to a little under six minutes.


This is just the “somewhere else” part.  Craig is playing the Agile LP.  I have the Wuhan hi-hats and the Wuhan 16″ crash up.  There is also a Sabian SR2 10″ splash cymbal, the Sabian HH Raw Bell ride cymbal, and a wood block.    My kick drum is a little vague in parts, but I am getting better and the track is pretty steady, at least for me, throughout.  The most interesting sounds are at the end where I am trying to be really quiet.  Craig is riffing off of Taxman, but at points he seems to be channeling Manuel Galban.

The track is mono, recorded with a single overhead mic.  The drums are too loud, but with one track there is no way to fix that.  This was recorded through my new Yamaha mixer, an MG102c, which has a great deal more clarity and presence than my old Behringer.    I am happy with it.

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I'm a guitar-playing rhetorician professor.
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