Another Jam Session

After many months, Craig Saxon and I got together again to jam at my house.  Mostly I played drums.  I have improved.  I got a pretty good one drop reggae beat going on “No Woman, No Cry,” but the fills were pretty lame.  It was something of a victory anyway because I used to play a standard rock beat on this song.  The one drop beat with the kick on the 2 and the 4 with the snare makes a world of difference.  We did some jazz beat stuff too.  I might post some of that later.  But the last thing we did was all guitars.  It was one of those jams that is like free flowing currents of water interweaving and changing, with intertwined melodies and phrases.  It doesn’t really go anywhere, but it has some interesting moments.  It surprised us.  We weren’t recording, but the computer was all set up and I happened to be sitting in front of it, so when I realized that what was happening was interesting, I hit the record button midway through.

9/29/12 Free Form Jam

I am playing a Telecaster through my Super Champ XD and Craig is playing my Agile LP through the tiny Vox Mini 3.  It’s in mono recorded with one mic because my M-Audio Mic Preamp died a few months ago and my Behringer mixer seems to be going out too, leaving me with only one mic preamp, a cheapo ART Tube MP, which seems to always come through in a pinch.  There is some noise from the snare drum resonating with the bass notes.  Sometimes it sounds like someone is playing brushes, and sometimes it sounds like noise.

Because the piece doesn’t really go anywhere it tends to stay in the moment.  It does establish and explore a mood, not sad, but reflective, maybe a little resigned.  Or maybe it is just background noise, or elevator music for aliens.

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I'm a guitar-playing rhetorician professor.
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