Rehearsal with Craig Saxon

Craig and I got together to play today. It was the first time I had played the Tama kit, or any acoustic drums, with another musician. I also added a new cymbal, a Sabian Raw Bell Dry Ride, to the mix. More on the cymbal later.

This track is the first we recorded. There are two cheap knockoff SM-57s: one in a boom stand as an overhead and one on a table. This did not lead to the best recording quality. Craig is playing my white strat through the Fender Super Champ XD. I am playing the Tama kit with the Tama 12″ snare, with Vic Firth AJ6 sticks. The drumming is definitely amateur, but Craig’s guitar playing is always worth a listen.


This next track is with the Kent snare.


Finally, here is a long track, almost fifteen minutes, that begins with “Strawberry Fields Forever,” morphs into “Third Stone from the Sun,” and then wanders into “I Feel Fine.” There are some moments here where we are pretty locked in. This has the 1971 Ludwig snare and I am playing with Pro Mark Hot Rods, which are designed to give less volume. They sound different, especially on the toms.


A good day of making music, and I am starting to feel like I will be a drummer when I grow up. I wish we had a recording of the version of “Gloria” that we did. It brought me back to playing someplace like Rosemead High School in about 1969, except I was behind the drum kit instead of playing rhythm guitar. Those were the days!

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