Gig at Portola Elementary School Fair

Yesterday I played a gig with the Craig Saxon Band at Portola Elementary School in Ventura.   It was my third gig as a drummer.  I am getting better!  The Roland TD-4 kit performed well, and it is certainly easy to set up and transport.  Craig played guitar, guitar synth, harmonica, and sang, and Mike Timpson played bass.  People are always interested in the ekit, especially former drummers who gave up their big, loud acoustic kits a while ago, and miss drumming.  I still think that the weak link in ekits is the cymbals, but one can certainly make music with them.

Here is a picture from the gig:

Craig Saxon Band at Portola Elementary School

It was a beautiful, cloudless day on a huge green lawn playing music with friends for kids and adults having a great time.

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I'm a guitar-playing rhetorician professor.
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